Upstream Energy Sector

The upstream sector is used to refer to the search for, followed by the recovery and production of, crude oil and natural gas. This sector is also widely known as the exploration and production (E&P) sector. Stages within the upstream petroleum-product industry include the search for underground or underwater oil and gas fields, the drilling of exploratory wells and, if the wells are deemed economically viable and recoverable, the operation of wells that bring crude oil and raw natural gas to the well’s surface.

Once of the most recognizable sights in the Oil & Gas industry is the standing oil rig. Varying in design type, height, hook load, color and many other factors. API sanctions the manufacturing of these components and requires established, and well regulated, standards to ensure they are manufactured to specific guidelines to ensure safety of its operators. Certifications, and implementations, such as API 4F and ISO9001:2008 are a great start.

Proudly, BASIC Equipment now represents API 4F and its associates. Obtaining, and holding, and API 4F assures our clients a quality product that has been graded to the finest degree of quality, documentation and satisfactory welding conditions. Having our API 4F allows up to manufacture the following:

  1. Masts (Cantilever, Telescoping, etc.)
  2. Substructure (Box-On-Box, Slignshot, etc.)
  3. Rig Walking Components
  4. Associated Hardware (Racking Boards, etc.)
  5. Crown Block & Frame Assemblies

BASIC is quickly becoming Houston's Premier Mast & Substructure fabricator with competitive pricing, and on-time scheduled deliveries.

Project Gallery

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    Our teams can change your existing design to suite your need, or customer tailor a design.

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    Backyard equipment, Drill Cabins, Mud Systems, Dolly Frame Carriers, Boom Cranes, Cellar Covers, etc.

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    Certifying all structures in accordance with API 4F/Q1 QMS, and ISO9001:2008.

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    As per our Quality Management System (QMS) all of our API/Q1 Structures are AWS/API Compliant.

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    Our experienced teams can assist with any API/Q1 required structural assembly.

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    Once manufactured, and painted, we assemble and operation test the finished product.

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