BASIC was founded on the simple premise of identifying, recruiting, and hiring the foremost employees in our region. Our full-fledged staff is comprised of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and versatile forward-thinkers. By and large, we are unique in that we hire locally, ensuring a safer work environment comprised of employees who work where they live. Our company’s culture is simply not comparable to other companies’ being that our employees’ commonplace is to encourage intuition, inspire innovation, lead a strong work ethic, and keep the local community safe.


BASIC strives for excellence, day in and day out. With our four core values at the forefront, we are proven to deliver quality services. Excellence is of utmost importance to us, in which our dedicated Northeastern team provides top-of-the-line upstream shale oil and gas services. This has led to BASIC securing an unparalleled reputation within the local markets.


Every step of the way, BASIC is right here with our customers and community. We take full accountability and responsibility in everything we do. At all times, we conduct our business in a responsible manner and are always willing to discuss our services with customers and community members. From the get-go, we have harnessed a positive work environment with collaboration between our customers, community members, and employees. All in all, here at BASIC, we take full accountability in everything we do, as we continually monitor, investigate, and examine our regular day-to-day operations.


Results matter. With BASIC’s proven four fundamental principles (Safety, People, Excellence and Accountability), final project results are always positive. Our core values setup every customer for success. Harvesting a safe work environment, recruiting outstanding Northeasterners, proving excellence, and establishing accountability is what we do best. Being a direct reflection of our core values, BASIC’s end results are always greatly appreciated.



BASIC Equipment health and wellness of its employees, family members and co-workers is second to none in the HS&E category. Healthy employees and coworkers are happier, more comprehensible, SAFER. BASIC Equipment wants to be a large part of both the successes of our employees, and the longevity of life.


Our goal is to provide an incident-free work environment. Our managers and supervisors are accountable for the safety of our people and are committed to ensuring that they have safe working equipment, required personal protection and training for their tasks. Our employees are trained to be responsible for the safety of their own actions in order to protect themselves, their team members and others.


We are committed to a clean and healthy environment with long-term sustainability. It is our goal to minimize our environmental impact in the communities in which we work and live, while providing services for our customers in a safe and responsible manner.


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